Founded in 2010, Acentric Surveys offers marketing research services to small & medium businesses, non-profits, churches and students at unbeatable prices. A survey service removes the stress and hassle of running your own survey using conventional survey software. Whether you want to conduct marketing research, a stakeholder survey or any other type of study; there are multiple issues that you need to deal with. Finding participants, managing incentives for participants, answering queries, statistical analysis, positioning graphs & tables, interpretation and report writing. Acentric Survey's allows you to outsource all or parts of this process.

Survey services are currently offered in the following countries:

United States
United Kingdom
South Africa

Buying research is now as simple as choosing a 'ready to go' survey, paying and launching. Get help from the knowledge-base or by using the contact us page.
A selection of organisations who have used Acentric’s research services or used data from Acentric's panel.
Acentric has conducted research for clients in or clients conducting research in the following sectors: Advertising, consumer products and services, packaging/label design, government, healthcare, industrial – plant tools/equipment, ITC, museums/monuments, public relations/communications, wine. 

DISCLAIMER: All product names and logos are the property of their respective owners. Acentric does not represent any of these organizations.