Franchising: The extraordinary case of Chick-Fil-A restaurants

11.09.19 09:42 AM By Staff Author - Comment(s)
Chick-Fil-A has just become America's third largest restaurant chain by revenue; with McDonalds and KFC holding on to first and second place respectively. This is all the more astounding given that the chain was way back in 7th position as recently as 2017.

How to compress a survey into one question

05.11.18 02:28 PM By Staff Author - Comment(s)
What if you only have space for one question? Perhaps you need accurate representation and you've decided to include your question on an omnibus that uses a probability sample. These are expensive, relative to online surveys...

How I predicted a Trump win

25.09.18 09:43 AM By Staff Author - Comment(s)
I tweeted on the 18th of October – 18 days prior to the election – that I expected Donald Trump to win the US presidential election. This was based on my analysis of the methodologies being used by the various polls. One poll in particular stood out...

How to reduce church conflict with church surveys

28.06.18 02:24 PM By Staff Author - Comment(s)
Conflict is a common issue in churches. Your congregants feel and think many things; but it's all too much. Too many voices and too much distortion from a few vocal individuals who are better at having their voices heard than the silent majority...

Sodium Hypochlorite Market Report – South Africa

21.03.18 02:43 PM By Staff Author - Comment(s)
A new report on the Sodium Hypochlorite market has been released by Acentric Marketing Research.

Acentric survey: Takealot and Edgars are SA’s top online retailers for Christmas 2016

01.04.17 01:21 AM By Staff Author - Comment(s)
A new survey completed in the first week of December, Takealot and Edgars are likely to be the most popular online retailers for Christmas 2016.

The most popular toys for Christmas 2015

01.04.17 01:21 AM By Staff Author - Comment(s)
Acentric's latest survey identified Barbie and Frozen are the most desirable toy brands for girls. For boys, cars and PlayStation game consoles are most popular.

SA sports goods market faces stagnation

01.04.17 01:21 AM By Staff Author - Comment(s)
Press release date: 16 June 2015

According to a series of new studies, South Africa’s sports goods industry is likely to face little to no growth over the next 5 years, missing out on the growth expected globally. The research was conducted across 48 countries by Acentric’s market-data partner, Glo...

SA's Top Restaurant Brands Report 2015 released

01.04.17 01:21 AM By Staff Author - Comment(s)
Spur has been identified as South Africa's leading restaurant brand. This is according to a new report released today by Acentric Marketing Research (Pty) LTD titled "South African Restaurant Brands 2015". Spur was closely followed by McDonald's, Ocean Basket, Mugg & Bean, and Wimpy.