Church survey package


  • Church congregants - no limit on the number of interviews (up to two congregations within your denomination).*
  • Choose your preferred distribution method: Acentric emails your member list, QR code / link on printed handouts, or 'offline' using a standalone tablet or PC (basic reporting option only).

Questionnaire outline

  • Choose between a standard or custom questionnaire.
  • Standard questionnaire options include: Church Health & Priorities or Faith, Practice & Science (FPS).
    • Add up to 2 custom questions AND alter the importance battery items (used to determine priorities).

What's included?

  • Choose between either a basic automated report, or a full report with graphs, tables, written interpretation and executive summary.
    • A file with the individual answers is included allowing you to conduct further analysis in Excel, SPSS or other software.​ 
    • Please note, information that might identify individuals is removed to protect confidentiality.
  • Email support included to handle congregant queries.​

  • Timelines vary, but 15 to 25 working days can be used as a guideline. Timelines depend on respondent cooperation, season and project complexity. Timelines are calculated from the date you approve the final questionnaire for launch. 

*One survey will be run simultaneously across all 2 congregations. Note, incentives are not necessary for this survey and are not included in the price.