Semi-custom consumer survey

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What the service includes

The service includes the recruitment & incentivization of survey respondents, via CINT AB, a leading global panel. The first questionnaire draft is written for you, based on your objectives. Automated translation can be made into the main country language. Project management, data cleaning, statistical analysis and report writing are also included.

Analysis deliverable

Analysis is conducted after the survey completes. Analysis is delivered in a PowerPoint file. 

Data preparation
Prior to analysis, sample weights are calculated (RIM) to improve representation against a target profile agreed upon in advance of launching the survey. These weights are used in the statistical analysis.

If you selected this option (cost implication) thematic coding may be conducted to assign the verbatim text from each respondent to one or more themes. This can then be used to quantify written responses in graphs.

The PowerPoint report includes:
  • Graphs.
  • Tables with significant difference indicators to help you identify areas to focus on.
  • Written interpretation and takeout slides to summarise findings at key junctures in the presentation.
  • Executive summary.
  • Methodology slides describing how the study was conducted. A brief background may be included for context.
  • In the case of open-end questions, the text will be provided to you in Excel.

Analysis types. 
  • Ratings (bipolar/semantic differential) which are stored as numeric will be reported as averages. Depending on the analysis, this may be bar charts, line charts (comparative) at the overall level. Tables are used for splits (cross-tabs/banners) as the detail level increases and graphs would be too cluttered. Please refer to the demo report.
  • Single and multiple response questions (include image selection)s are reported as percentages selecting each option.  Depending on the analysis, this may be bar charts, line charts (comparative), or tables for splits (cross-tabs/banners) showing significant differences. Please refer to the demo report.

Advanced analysis 
At present only driver analysis is offered – in the form of strategy maps, displaying importance (variance explained) by the average performance. These are useful for prioritizing areas that are important and under-performing.

Limitations & allowances

  • Online survey only (50% minimum incidence). SMS survey on special request.
  • Statements are the words or short phrases that either form the response options on lists or they are the items being rated.
    • Max 10 statements (if you go beyond this and the tables exceed the length of PowerPoint slide, it will be up to you to cut and paste these onto separate slides). It is not advisable to exceed this as smartphone screens make this cumbersome for respondents, decreasing completion rates.
  • Max 50 characters in length. This is to prevent issues with the display of the results in charts and tables.
  • A single draft of the questionnaire will be provided based on your research objectives (either in MS Word or in an online tool). You may make revisions, but please adhere to the specific question types allowed.
  • Client may request up to three 'completes' status reports indicating # of completes during the survey.
  • A single revision of the report, up to 15% of the report may be requested.
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