Ecommerce store concept test survey

Test and improve your new store concept with consumers who've either bought or have an interest in buying products from online stores in your category. Test the concept and identify issues before investing serious time and money in your store and advertising campaigns. Get extensive feedback from incentivized and motivated survey participants, who not only evaluate your store, but provide insight into competitors.

Ideal for companies and entrepreneurs launching online stores, in any consumer segment.


  • Determine usage of products in relevant categories - only include those who buy relevant products.
  • Identify your real competitors, not imagined competitors, to enable effective competitive strategies.
  • Determine if your store concept performs above or below average in terms of core concept performance measures uniqueness, relevance, clarity, believability and liking.
  • Measure concept performance in terms of specific store characteristics such as shipping charges and delivery time. 
    • Driver analysis identifies the most important characteristics through correlation analysis, and flags those that are under-performing.
  • Measure concept performance in terms of the elements of your new store concepts value proposition.
    • Driver analysis identifies the most important elements through correlation analysis, and flags those that are under-performing.
  • ​Obtain suggestions for improvement, in your potential customers' own words; quantified in terms of frequency of mention.
  • Identify the most popular product types to stock your store for cross-selling opportunities.

What's included?

  • Questionnaire aligned to Acentric's methodology, with customizable elements.
  • Survey respondents are recruited and incentivized for you.
  • Automated report (see example below).  Each report is provided in PowerPoint ready for you to present to stakeholders. Each report includes research objectives, methodology, overall graphs and demographic splits in the form of banner tables (including significant difference indicators) along with written interpretation and key takeout slides. Graphs and tables include advanced weighting to ensure representation on demographics. Since reports are provided in PowerPoint you are free to edit them prior to presentation.
  • File with the individual answers to open-ended questions, so you can read through the answers in your survey respondents own words.

How to purchase
  • Choose the most relevant shopper group & country from the available list at checkout.
  • Select the required sample size. Participants are recruited for you online.
  • Provide details to alter customizable questionnaire elements.

  • Minimum incidence of 50%.
  • Limited customization. May only alter wording in angle brackets < > in questionnaire.


  • Approximately 7 to 10 working days from the date of survey launch to report delivery. Note: timelines are provided as a guideline only.
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