Ecommerce store survey & heatmap (150 participants)

Setup a trial store and test it with 150 consumers who've either bought or have an interest in buying products from online stores in your category. Test the concept and identify issues before investing serious time and money in your store and advertising campaigns. Get extensive feedback from incentivized and motivated survey participants, who not only evaluate your store, but provide insight into competitors.

  1. Setup your store as a free trial with Shopify or any other software platform. 
  2. Stock your test store using Oberlo or other drop shipping system that makes setup easy.
  3. After purchase, you will be provided with a piece of code that you need to insert on your site to allow heatmap / attentionmap tracking.*
  4. Relevant participants are recruited from an online survey panel who then visit your store.
  5. Participants complete a survey during the visit to your store (150 completed interviews guaranteed).
  6. View your survey report online once the survey completes, and receive a  heatmap / attentionmap of your stores front page by email.

  • Choose the most relevant shopper group & country from the available list at checkout.
  • 150 completed interviews. Participants are recruited from an online panel.

Questionnaire and process flow

  • Pre-visit questions to better understand the market and competitive situation.
  • Participants visit your store to give initial spontaneous impression.
  • Participants then visit again and evaluate your store in more detail.
  • 'Heatmap' image sent to you after the survey to indicate which areas get attention.*
  • Questions determine relative importance of products, prices, shipping, return and other factors.
  • Favourite product chosen by visitor and any factors preventing purchase listed.
  • Get insights into demographic differences.

What's included?

  • Basic report (see example below). 
    • Optional advanced reporting coming soon.
  • File with the individual answers allowing you to conduct further analysis in Excel, SPSS or other software.‚Äč
  • A link to a heatmap and an attentionmap showing which areas of your site get attention (access for 14 days after your survey completes).


  • Approximately 7 working days from the date of survey launch for the basic automated report and 17 working days if you select the full PowerPoint reporting option. Note: timelines are provided as a guideline only. Actual times may vary due to factors such as panel demand, season, project specification and other unique project characteristics.