Market Insights Service


Do you have questions that can't be answered with a quick Google search? Acentric offers extensive desk-research services to answer your questions.


A skilled analyst searches secondary sources with a level of rigour most people aren't accustomed to. If we can't find a direct answer, experience and modelling techniques allow us to find an answer or a reasonable proxy.


Starting from $50. Click 'Get Started Now' to request a quotation for your specific request. Discounts available for prepaid bulk purchases.


Get results for most request within 48 to 72 hours. If it will take longer, you'll be informed in advance, based on the anticipated complexity of your request.


Your research will contain inline-citations to each source used (i.e. URL links). Each number will be backed by a citation; or a calculation clearly laid out in the research strategy so you can have confidence in the results.


You just ask, and Acentric takes care of the rest. 

You don't need to worry about recruiting, or hiring.

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