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  • We will only provide personally identifiable information if explicit permission is given by survey respondents.
  • You agree that respondents have the right to be forgotten and that you will delete personally identifiable information and other linked data on request from those respondents, or will provide a means by which they may automatically delete such data. You further agree that Acentric Surveys may request such data be deleted on behalf of respondents.
  • You acknowledge that your customers and non-customers may provide feedback in relation to your business that will be stored by Acentric Surveys and third party tools.
  • You agree to keep their responses confidential and to only share them amongst staff for the performance of their duties in relation to your business. 
  • You agree to share this data only with staff who have formally signed non-disclosure agreements relating to such responses.
  • Upon request we will attempt to delete such data if you so desire.

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  • Store emails and other communications you make with Acentric Surveys. These may be stored indefintely as they may relate to future legal proceedings.

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