Product concept testing surveys

Problem solved

Approximately 9 out of 10 new launches fail (both products and businesses). Product concept testing provides an objective way to determine whether the market will accept your product - before you launch. Concept testing also helps to identify areas for improvement, purchase interest drivers and acceptable pricing.

When should concept testing be used?

Concept test surveys are ideal for the early stages of new product research. Concept testing can also be used to evaluate brand extensions, new value propositions, product reformulations and new business ideas.

Who is this for?

The concept test methodology is suitable for companies, entrepreneurs and inventors wishing to test consumer product or service concepts prior to risking large investments. 


  • Determine concept performance on a core set of measures widely used to evaluate concepts: uniqueness, relevance, clarity, believability and liking.
  • Identify the most important attributes driving purchase interest with driver analysis, and identify those areas that are relative under-performers.
  • Determine what the 'main message' is from the consumer's point of view. Are you communicating correctly? Are consumers likely to be confused?
  • Identify the most promising demographic segments who have the greatest interest, avoid wasting your marketing budget on irrelevant segments.
  • Determine an acceptable price range for your product or service, avoid over or under pricing at the time of entry and confusing consumers.
  • Get suggestions for improvements -  in the consumers' own words - that are most likely to increase purchase probability. Identify the most frequent areas of concern.


  • Includes questionnaire setup with your concept description and images.
  • Includes cost of recruitment and incentivization of survey respondents (participants) in a relevant target population (e.g. lawn mower buyers/users).
  • Includes proportional-iterative weighting process to ensure representation on key demographics.
  • Includes a presentation ready PowerPoint report. Your report will include a methodology section; graphs; tables with significant difference calculations to identify areas of interest; written interpretation and key takeout slides to clarify research findings. You will also be provided with the verbatim responses given by respondents to open-ended questions on a supplementary spreadsheet.


  • Minimum incidence of 50%.
  • Limited customization. May only alter wording in angle brackets < > in questionnaire.


Approximately 5 to 10 working days, counted from the day after you approve the final questionnaire. Note: the timeline is provided as a guideline.

Sample Report
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